write for us.
be a part of the Year13 team.
We're looking for a bunch of fresh, young voices to join the Year13 contributors team. If you've got a story to tell or photos you wanna share, then grab your notebook, get your hands on a disposable camera and get creating. 
what we're after
Cool stories, study advice, things you wish your teachers had told you, how you got through your first heartbreak and what it was like dropping out in Year 10. We want fresh ideas (and we’ll know if you’re just ripping off some of our old articles). But most of all we want your story. 

If words aren’t your thing, you can submit photos as well. Go buy yourself a cheap disposable camera, take some snaps, get them developed and send them in to us- we’ll give you a cheeky shout out in the article and you’ll get to show off all the cool shit you and your friends do on the site.
what's in it for me?
This is your chance to get some exposure for your writing and get that valuable experience that employers are looking for. It’s the perfect opportunity if you’re keen on journalism/writing/media/communications. Or maybe you just want to give writing a go. 

Plus, if you become a regular contributor we’ll start chucking some cash your way. It's how all our writers started out, so it’s tried and tested.
We’ve got some prizes up for grabs annnnddd we’re on the look out for a writer to land a full time gig in the Year13 office. 
alright, so how do i submit?
You don’t have to awkwardly call us up for a chat; you can write your article in your pyjamas at 3am while you watch Netflix and procrastinate doing your assignment, easy peasy. But before you do anything, have a read through our FAQs and our submission guidelines to get all the info you need. 

Writers, chuck in your deets in below and copy and paste your article in the last textbox. If you want to submit more than one article, you'll have to submit another form (sorry!). Photographers, you can also fill in your deets below, then in the last textbox either send us a link to your tumblr or a dropbox of your pics, or just let us know that you have photos you want to send us and we will be in touch via email.
meet our writers.
Emma started out at Year13 doing a lil writing internship. Then when she dropped out of uni, she somehow managed to con the guys who run the place into giving her a full time job as the content manager instead. Now she’s running the content show, not to mention writing a whole lot of articles for Year13 too. But tbh she spends most of her time patting the office doggos instead of doing work.
20-something (?), we don't actually know, neither does he
Nat’s one of the gnarliest guys you’ll ever meet and is always up for a dumpster diving sesh. He knows a lot about the world and is one of the few Year13 team members who actually has a degree. At the moment he writes for places like VICE, Monster Children, Slam Magazine, Global Hobo, the ABC and RedBull Adventure. His biggest claim to fame? Iggy Azalea was his Year 5 girlfriend.
 Head into our archives and you’ll read a heap of ace articles from ol’ Gazza (they’re likely the articles that are making you laugh the hardest). When he’s not telling us a wildly hilarious story about his latest public mishap, Garry does some writing work for brands and publishers such as Boss Hunting, The Betoota Advocate, The Versatile Gent, and most importantly… Year13.
The original Year13 success story and mother goose of this wild farm, Blake started alongside the founders as a freckly, 19-year-old university drop out. Constantly reminding us that she did in fact ‘go to a selective school,’ Blake has completely broken the mould of whatever the fuck it means to be a drop out, working her way up from a weekly writing gig to become the operations manager of this place.
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